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About faith.

 About faith. Today I was watching a Netflix special about Jehovah's Witnesses, the religion my family was at the time I was born. The documentary seemed to revolve, mainly, around this lady who was molested as a child. I found it odd that most of the documentary was about child molestation in this 'cult'. Granted, I am biased to the topic, my bias may actually be against the religion rather than in its favor; I grew up to despite religions as a whole. However the fact that so much of the documentary was about child molestation made the whole thing hard to watch. The fact that someone in any religion has abused children is not only obvious but also common sense, yet, I don't think that alone can be used to judge a religion as a whole. I was never molested nor I know anyone who was molested during the time I was part of that religion. Anyhow, beside the point.  The documentary made me think about why I despite religions and, I came to realize that I dislike anything that