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About Inclusion

 I've spent a long time on this planet. I am not that old, but I ain't that young either. I've seen a lot though.  I did not stay in my mom's basement playing video-games till my hair fell off slowly sinking into the ground from which I came; I left home young. I slept on benches, I often found partners just because I needed a place to sleep. I struggled. I am not here to say only I struggled. Or that my turmoil has to be taken more seriously than another person: we all struggle in a way or another. Even the guy who lives in his mom's basement. So, I said that just to dramatize and to make you visualize the juxtaposition of my life when compared to others. I noticed time after time people taking about inclusion, about racism - whatever that means - and sexism yet, I've personally never witnessed anyone taking the hard road when it came to take a stand for what they supposedly stood for. In fact, I've often seen people using other's difference to their ad