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COVID changed my life.

 When COVID19 emerged I was an healthcare employee. My team and I were caught in this strange limbo because we were not working in a hospital but rather a private practice, a non for profit. Working in a clinic, we didn't have hospital beds to deal with so, the patients we would see were ambulatory. We had an influx of people coming in with respiratory issues and, because we did not know what we were dealing with, we had to shut down the clinic. So, we set up a 'camp' in the parking lot and started 'treating' people outdoors. It was an interesting year of working in a parking lot and of driving to work while everyone was fearing for their lives. We didn't have a choice. We did, actually, we always do have an option but I am an healthcare worker and it is my duty to help people so, I didn't give myself a choice. Anyhow, what the pandemic did to me had nothing to do with the virus itself but with the people. I am the kind of person who tries to live in line wi

On Addiction.

 The other day I was reflecting on the relationship I had with my dad. I am reminded about how bad it was by some memories and some emails I do not have the courage to delete; there is something eerie about reading a message from a person who is no longer with us. It may be my aspieness but I often get stuck in what an email means to me rather than what it really is. When I think of an email is either something I need to know or something I am waiting for etc. Now that I link the emails my dad sent me to a negative feeling it is hard to read them again.  One of the last times I saw my dad I was living in Florence and he came to visit me. My dad would do these extemporary things that I would not understand and that would upset me. Case in point, he would insist to come to visit me. He was supposed to spend a day with me and it started decently but quickly turned sour. He would use any change he would get to drink something, knowing that it would trigger a negative reaction in me. I like